About Us


Tenorio Adventure begins with the dream of two brothers Roy Sibaja and Wider Sibaja from Cañas
Guanacaste. That after working for many years in adventure sports, they draw a
goal of having a company that gives that happiness and emotions to everyone who wants
live an adventure experience with safety, responsibility and quality.
This is why after constant work to obtain capital and experience in 2009
Tenorio acquires its first team for an 8-person operation, transportation and equipment
complete rafting to offer to clients. But it is not until December 1, 2010 that
It begins its operation even without an operations center, it begins as WR Adventure Rafting.
A year later and thanks to the capital investment of a foreign partner, it was possible to purchase
more equipment, the commercial name was changed to Tenorio Adventure and it began with an operation
more constantly, with several strategic allies, the diversification of the product begins through
needs and opportunities created by customers. In 2012 the center was opened
operations with its own warehouse, parking, dressing rooms and restaurant in Cañas.
At the beginning Tenorio was only Rafting in the Tenorio River and Safari in the Corobicí River, today it offers great
variety of tours, such as:, ATV, Bicycles, Tubing, 3 Offices, located in Cañas, El Coco
and Bijagua de Upala, in addition to the complete transportation service.
We work with a human and trained team that goes the extra mile every day to create
unforgettable experiences for each client who chooses us to take a tour.
Continues working to grow and improve day by day.


Our mission is to create unforgettable and exciting experiences on all adventure tours.
what we offer. We strive to be leaders in safety, excellence in customer service
and preservation of the environment. Our mission is to inspire adventure, promote work in
team and create unforgettable memories for our clients all while promoting the
respect for nature and the local communities that saw us grow up and are our home.


Our vision is to become a recognized company in the adventure industry at a level
national and international for our great diversification of quality tours and commitment to
safety. We strive every day to expand our reach, offering a wide
range of exciting and sustainable activities that inspire people to explore and
connect with adventure and nature.
We work to become a benchmark in adventure tourism, contributing to the
sustainable development of the local communities where we operate and are leaving a mark
positive to customers from all over the world who choose us.


PASSION FOR ADVENTURE: We are passionate about what we do and believe in the power
transforming adventure and emotions into experiences. We promote adventure as a
form of personal enrichment and connection with nature.

SAFETY: We prioritize safety in all our activities, implementing the most
high standards and procedures to protect the physical and emotional integrity of our
clients and employees.

TEAMWORK: We recognize that teamwork is the main key to our being.
team and collaboration to achieve our objectives. We foster an environment of
respect, trust and mutual support between our employees and partners.

QUALITY: We are committed to offering services of the highest quality in all our
operations, from the planning and execution of activities to customer service and
practices for environmental conservation.

RESPECT FOR NATURE: We value and respect the environment in which we live.
we operate, adopting sustainable practices and promoting the conservation of ecosystems

RESPONSIBILITY: In summary, responsibility is a fundamental value that guides all
the actions and decisions in our company demonstrating our commitment to the
well-being of our internal and external customers, the environment and communities

INNOVATION: We are constantly looking for new ways to improve and
diversify our adventure offerings, adopting innovative technologies and practices to
provide unique and exciting experiences to our clients.