Combo Tour Safari + Pumas Rescue Center

5 Hours
Minimun People:
Recommended Ages:
2-75 years

Combo Tour Safari + Pumas Rescue Center

09:00 am
From: Person $ + tax

General Information About Combo Tour Safari + Pumas Rescue Center

Enjoy the tranquility of the lower section ofthe Río Tenorio on this easy-going, nature-lover's safari float. Your eagle-eyed guidewill paddle and steer your raft as he pointsout the wide array of species of plants andanimals. Spot monkeys, lizards, crocodilesand even river otters, plus anincredible amount of tropical birds such asospreys, boat-billed herons, parrots,kingfishers and more as you quietly passby.

This will be one of your favorite memoriesof Costa Rica as you just relax and enjoythe scenery. Your float will be followed bya spread of a fresh, tropical fruit break.You’ll then be transported back to thestarting point for a delicious, typical, Costa Rican lunch.

The Río Tenorio Safari Float is great for nature lovers of all ages –children love this tour!We often have some rafting enthusiasts do the Río Tenorio Class 3-4 rafting while the restof the group does the float trip. This is a great full-day excursion for the whole family.

After the típical lunch start driving for 5 minutes to the Pumas Rescute Center.Costa Rica is home to six different kinds of wild cats. Although thousands of visitors taketo the country’s hiking trails each day, the chances of spotting one of these elusive,nocturnal felines is slim to none. Most likely, they turn up when injured or captured illegally.When this happens, it is Costa Rica’s many animal rescue centers that provide shelter andcare.

If you’re traveling to Costa Rica’s northwestern province of Guanacaste, one shelter youwon’t want to miss is Las Pumas Rescue Center. In this post, we’ll share all the details youneed to plan your visit and see these impressive cats for yourself.