MTB + Rafting

7 Hours
Minimun People:
Recommended Ages:
8-65 years

MTB + Rafting

08:00 am
From: Person $ + tax

General Information About MTB + Rafting

Dare to live this aquatic challenge! Test your own

limits and challenges the flow of the Tenorio River!

Speed, adrenaline turns, and complex maneuvers on
the currents of this impressive but fun body of water
are just part of this exciting adventure. According to the
classification of rapids, the section of the Tenorio River
known as Pozo Azul belongs to Class III; although, due
to its powerful currents, unexpected turns and
challenging drops, it is also classified as Class IV. With
more than 12 kilometers long, this route is ideal for
lovers of extreme sports and, of course, something that
rafting experts cannot miss when visiting Costa Rica. In
addition, with seven national parks and three natural
reserves for wildlife, in the Guanacaste region there is
much to discover!
Lunch by the Majestic forest where the local guide
Will give a history of Guacanaste and their culture.
Costa Rica is known around the world for its superb
mountain biking.
The Tierras Morenas route by bike is an incredible
experience for any cyclist who is passionate about
riding mountain roads. The tour takes place on gravel roads and streets with little traffic.
By bike, we join valleys, mountains, and hamlets for 16 miles. The journey begins in Tierras
Morenas is a town known for its artisanal liquor. This is a town far from the city and has few
inhabitants. The journey ends at the PUT IN of Tenorio Adventure where the second
adventure called Rafting begins, which is class III & IV.
The rugged, dry terrain around the western side of the Tenorio Volcano in Guanacaste is
one of the best places for mountain biking in Costa Rica. Guanacaste, Costa Rica is great
for mountain biking year-round due to its mostly sunny, warm weather. When traveling in
Costa Rica, you can go on thrilling mountain biking tours in Guanacaste
Weather by Tenorio & Miravalles Volcano: Always warm; and either dry or wet depending
on the season. It is best to ride in the early morning or late afternoon (weather dependent)
when it is cooler. Riding on shaded mountain bike trails also helps keep the temperature
Best clothes to wear: Light short-sleeved bike shirts and loose mountain bike shorts, in
addition to your helmet. Using elbow and knee protection is recommended for rocky
trails, and you should have sports sunglasses.
Best shoes to wear: Clip-in cycling shoes; a recommended brand is Giro, which is also
good for doing short hikes to nearby waterfalls and rivers along the trails.
or trail mix, and bananas.
How much water should you bring? Dehydration is always a concern in a hot climate like in
Guanacaste. You should have at least 2 liters of water and electrolytes mixed in with the
water. Electrolytes make a world of difference in your body’s ability to absorb water during
your ride.
Best things to see: Out in the breathtaking nature around Tenorio Volcano in Guanacaste,
chances are good you may see wildlife of the region while biking. Keep an eye out for
white-faced and howler monkeys, birds like toucans and hawks, iguanas, armadillos, and
coatis. You will ride by rivers, waterfalls, and incredible volcanic formations.

Should you bring snacks? Suggestions:

Cliff Bars or any good quality Power Bars, peanuts