Safari + Llanos del Cortés

7 Hours
Minimun People:
Recommended Ages:
2-75 years

Safari + Llanos del Cortés

09:00 am
From: Person $ + tax

General Information About Safari + Llanos del Cortés

Enjoy the tranquility of the lower section of

the Río Tenorio on this easy-going, nature-

lover's safari float. Your eagle-eyed guide will

paddle and steer your raft as he points out

the wide array of species of plants and

animals. Spot monkeys, lizards, crocodiles

and even river otters, plus an

incredible amount of tropical birds such as

ospreys, boat-billed herons, parrots,

kingfishers and more as you quietly pass by.

This will be one of your favorite memories of

Costa Rica as you just relax and enjoy the

scenery. Your float will be followed by a

spread of a fresh, tropical fruit break. You’ll

then be transported back to the starting point for a delicious, typical, Costa Rican lunch.

The Río Tenorio Safari Float is great for nature lovers of all ages –children love this tour! We

often have some rafting enthusiasts do the Río Tenorio Class 3-4 rafting while the rest of the group

does the float trip. This is a great full-day excursion for the whole family.

On the way back we discover the amazing Waterfall located in Bagaces

Bagaces is a canton in Guanacaste that is the heart and soul of some awesome spots, activities and

secret places that many of us do not know of. On this trip you will not only think/say ¡wowww!,

But you will want to go straight down to Guanacaste for the weekend...

After passing the entrance to Bagaces you will go 3 more kilometers to pass over Rio Piedras,

where you turn left until you reach the entrance of the farm. Normally at the entrance, there is

someone from the local community charging, the amount is voluntary, it’s intended for schools,

sports teams, and various needs.

The road that leads from the entrance of the farm to the parking lot is not in good condition, but

this does not prevent a car from getting there. Once in the parking lot we got out and were

greeted by a care keeper who explained to us in a few words the path of the waterfall, and

another not so well known path that leads to a natural pool.

We grabbed our junk from the car and walked about 50 meters until we reached what looked

more like a private beach, but with an impressive view, this was the infamous Llanos de Cortes

waterfall. We sat down in the shade to appreciate the glorious cascade, while we prepared

ourselves for the so desired dip.